Thursday, August 7, 2008

How Airtube Headsets Can Protect You from Cell Phone Radiation

An airtube headset can be a valuable tool to protect your brain from cell phone radiation. Brain cancer is on the rise as is cell phone use.

An airtube headset is a headset that attaches to your cell phone or cordless phone. It has a wire like many headsets. At the end of the wire is a small speaker and then a 6 inch long tube. This tube works a lot like a stethoscope.

This tube serves to provide a gap between the transmition of radiation from your phone to your head.

Holding your phone to your ear allows the radiation from your phone to enter your head through the soft tissues of your ear. Over time, this can make you more susceptible to brain cancer. In the short term it can cause headaches, attention disorders, changes in your brainwaves, and sleep disorders.

A regular wired headset allows the radiation from your cell phone to travel up the wire to your head. Additionally, it can act as its own antenna, grabbing up radiation from the environment and directing it at your head.

An airtube headset does not allow this to occur. Because of the air gap, any radiation that travels from your phone or the environment up the cord of your headset is dispersed before it reaches your head and sensitive brain tissues.

This can effectively reduce the radiation to your brain to zero.

Bluetooth and other wireless headsets are NOT safe. Microwaves generated by the mobile phone are wirelessly transferred and directly transmitted into the ear canal and surrounding head region by the blue tooth device.

Airtube headsets are the safest way to talk on your wireless phone. They are inexpensive and work great.

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